Jon Neitzell

Technology Advisor

Jon is the founder of Anduril Partners, an investment and advisory firm focused on the application of data-driven processes. Jon has over 20 years of technology, governance and financial services experience as a portfolio manager, chief data officer, while serving on several board and advisory roles including Aiera (advanced, self-learning models, augmented with human insight), Arbor Advisory Group (investor Relations and corporate Communications), Aptiviti (360-degree due-diligence platform for leaders and decision-makers), Connacht Asset Management, Crux Informatics (ETL delivery platform for normalized data ingestion), Equity Data Science (data analytics process platform as a service) and SESAMm (big data, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence for investment). He recently served as a board advisor for Prattle (automates investment research by quantifying language) until its acquisition by Liquidnet, and for Kensho Technologies (artificial intelligence for financial services) until the largest acquisition of its kind by S&P Global.

Previously, Jon was the Chief Data Officer at Goldman Sachs Fundamental Equities, the first appointed role in the Asset Management division after demonstrating industry-leading return on invested capital metrics as Portfolio Manager on the Technology Opportunities fund (AUM growth during firm tenure from ~$600M to $4B) through a data-driven approach. His academic profile includes a BA in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and completion of the executive program in Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy, from the MIT Sloan School of Management.