Crisis Communication and
Perception Issue Management

Although all companies manage their businesses to prevent or limit exposure to potential disruptions, crises are inevitable. The companies that do handle crisis situations well don’t get there by accident. They are the ones who planned in advance and understand the importance of a rapid, clear and sincere crisis response.

At Arbor Advisory Group, we help companies navigate crises and rebuild enduring relationships with stakeholders and the investment community. We have worked with many clients over the years to regain investor confidence in the aftermath of a crisis. We can also help message underperformance relative to strategic and financial goals.

We have deep expertise in crisis communication; crisis management strategies; regulatory, compliance and legal issues; investor activism and corporate governance. Our team is well respected as thought leaders within the investment community. We are known for a rigorous, proactive approach to addressing these types of challenging situations.

Services Include:

  • Crisis management plan development
  • Communications strategy
  • Key message creation
  • Investor targeting and engagement
  • Corporate governance strategy
  • Disclosure strategy/enhancement

The Arbor team has unique capabilities as it relates to managing the impact of legal and regulatory challenges, natural disasters, network hacks and more. For instance, Arbor’s CEO was recruited to help manage what was, at the time, the largest shareholder lawsuit in history. I worked with him through countless M&A transactions, the floods that inundated the Gulf coast and our operations, the event of September 11th, responding to Activists and more. It would be hard to find a more tested and experienced team at handling crises than the executives at Arbor.

Ronald Nelson, Retired Chairman of the Board and CEO, Avis Budget and former President and Chief Financial Officer, Cendant Corporation