Merger and Acquisition
Strategies and Strategic
Financing Communications

We have developed and executed merger and acquisition strategies and financing communications plans for many strategic and capital-raising transactions. Our expertise is deep and varied across companies in a broad range of industries.

As a result of our experience, we know how the investment community thinks about the implications of these types of transactions. We understand the questions and concerns they will have and can prepare you to answer them.

Our team’s extensive backgrounds in corporate finance, capital structure management and capital markets are essential to developing effective transaction communications. We are here to help you navigate these types of situations and more.

Services Include:

  • Communications strategy and planning
  • Timeline development and management
  • Transaction rationale and impact on valuation
  • Key message creation to explain implications for earnings growth, long-term operating strategy and investment thesis
  • Investor targeting and engagement
  • Active solicitation of feedback and refinement of go-forward investor and corporate communications

Arbor Advisory Group was initially engaged to manage our IR program after the departure of our internal executive. At the time, we were in the process of splitting the company into two separate publicly-traded companies via a spin-off transaction. The Arbor team managed our day-to-day IR program, built an IR function for the second company, helped us execute the spin-off, oversaw the production of separate Investor Day events on the same day (for each of the two companies), and ran IR for both companies on an outsourced basis after the spin. Arbor was a strong partner that did an exceptional job executing our Investor Day events and managing IR at the two companies.

Jon Kirchner, Chief Executive Officer, Xperi, Inc.