Sensata Delivers a Best-in-Class Hybrid Investor Day Event

Discover how Arbor’s strategic guidance and high-touch support helped Sensata increase turnout, drive ROI and strengthen investor conviction at their Investor Day.
Samuel Levenson
Mar 5, 2024

Attendees at a conference viewing a speaker presenting on a stage, while another participant watches a live feed of the event on their laptop screen in the foreground.In the post-pandemic world of investor relations, Investor Day presentations have modulated from in-person to hybrid events. Failing to adequately provide both audiences with an impactful presentation leaves significant opportunity on the table. Our client, Sensata Technologies, recognized the importance of not just adapting but excelling in this new paradigm. Their recent Investor Day stands out as a testament to the power of strategic planning, effective communication, and seamless execution. Arbor Advisory Group was honored to partner with Sensata and The Buddy Group to set a new standard for excellence in hybrid Investor Day events.

The Story: 100+ Years of Innovation

Today, Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST) is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing sensors and electrical components. At its inception over 100 years ago, however, the Company was better known for its general plating and material sciences capabilities. 

At its core, Sensata’s business has been driven by change — in technological developments and across product categories — but the Company’s commitment to innovation has stayed resolute. Demonstrating this commitment to current and prospective shareholders would prove critical during its most recent transition: a major pivot in its business to the electrification of vehicles, industrial equipment and infrastructure. Its recent Investor Day event was the opportunity to do just that.

The Situation: Reaching Investors Who Are No Longer in the Room

 In the wake of COVID-19, remote webcasts can no longer be secondary to the in-person Investor Day experience, and IR events that do not adequately manage the virtual experience (from both a technical and strategic perspective) miss the opportunity to maximize their impact.

Sensata recognized that the traditional Investor Day — which once got by with little more than a projector and a clicker — was no more. The Company needed a team of specialists to support its in-house IR team from initial messaging and strategy to production and execution on the event day. 

Even without the additional production support required to execute an engaging virtual arm of the event, Investor Days require months of preparation, which is too often interrupted by earnings cycles, leadership meetings and other priorities. The right partner would need to benchmark progress leading up to the event to ensure speakers were well-rehearsed and all details were accounted for.

Finally, given the large upfront investment required to produce an Investor Day, Sensata sought an advisory team that would not only help guide strategic messaging but also help develop compelling collateral that could be leveraged beyond the event, itself.

Sam Levenson, Founder and CEO of Arbor Advisory Group, said: “The Sensata team identified the significant opportunity to deliver a compelling investment thesis and, rightly, engaged a coordinated team comprised of Investor Relations, Corporate Communications, Marketing and Engineering to partner with both Arbor Advisory Group and The Buddy Group to create compelling presentations, hands-on experiences and customized software to engage investors and analysts. After the event, all of the assets were redeployed for a major trade show. Video content from the day was repurposed for internal training, external sales and social media outreach. The Sensata team smartly drove ROI on their Investor Day, leveraging the event to enhance their marketing and communications to multiple constituencies.”

Our Role: Advise and Execute a First-Rate Hybrid Event

Two Sensata speakers in front of an interactive display screen, preparing for their presentation.As a long-standing partner, Arbor has produced multiple Investor Day events for Sensata, offering guidance and hands-on support before, during and after each event. Our work for their most recent Investor Day was guided by several strategic and logistical priorities, which included:

  • Producing a hybrid event that reached investors on- and off-site. By catering to both audiences, the Sensata team was able to balance their in-person component (which allowed them to connect with potential investors, existing shareholders and sell-side analysts face-to-face) with the high production value of a remote presentation (which encouraged virtual attendees to engage with the Sensata team as if they were in the room).
  • Conveying the right story and financial data. Sensata’s expansion into electrification required careful thought around its investment thesis in order to engage investors whose long-term priorities aligned with the Company’s direction. Reinforcing this narrative with financial data strengthened investor conviction and validated the company’s strategic vision.
  • Serving as an extension of the Sensata investor team. In addition to our advisory capabilities, our bespoke, integrated approach provided the Sensata team with experienced hands-on assistance and additional capacity to execute their vision.
  • Preparing the presenters through rehearsals, Q&A practice, slide creation and event planning.
  • Advising on Regulation FD to safeguard against non-intentional disclosure and keep all communications — including one-on-one conversations and Q&A sessions — Reg FD-compliant.
  • Partnering with the production company. We collaborated closely with The Buddy Group, a story-driven consultancy specializing in Investor Days, to ensure Sensata’s message was enhanced by premium production quality, including high-quality slides, digital application development and carefully curated cinematography.

“It’s very important to bring the right resources together. People who understand the Company, the strategy, and can be good advisors at the time of the event… We use the Arbor Advisory Group as our consultants. They are a key resource for us from a strategy perspective.”

Jacob Sayer, Vice President of Finance, Sensata Technologies

The Results: Better Turnout, Investor Feedback and ROI

After months of careful preparation and planning, Arbor’s contributions to Sensata’s Investor Day event helped the Company realize several short- and long-term benefits:

  • High event attendance, with approximately three times as many participants online versus in person.
  • An increase in valuation as conviction among investors and analysts was raised.
  • Return on executive time spent preparing for the event and a warm reception from the investment community, who remarked on the management team’s meticulous attention to detail as they addressed concerns and showcased growth opportunities.
  • A library of assets for the company to repurpose at board meetings, leadership conferences, financial events, trade shows, customer events, town halls and on the company’s website.

Overall, Arbor’s breadth and depth of experience, adaptability, and commitment to client success equipped Sensata to effectively communicate its long-term strategy and competitive advantage — both in person and from afar.

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Sam Levenson

Samuel Levenson

Founder and CEO, NIRI Fellow