Arbor Partner Idalia Rodriguez Talks Investor Days on Cramer’s Pivot Points

Arbor Advisory Group Partner and Senior Advisor Idalia Rodriguez was honored to speak with the hosts of Cramer’s “Pivot Points,” an events and content marketing podcast, about how corporate investor days have fundamentally changed due to the recent virtual shift. 

The virtual world woke up this very sleepy event that’s been done the same way for years.”

Throughout the interview, Idalia points out how the virtual format is the new norm, meaning that companies need to focus on integrating various multimedia elements into their investor days rather than relying on a single speaker with a  slide presentation. She provides insight into the level of production values companies should aim to achieve based on their budget and resources, and remains focused on how companies can use this new hybrid format to ultimately deliver greater value and clearer talking points to their investors. 

Watch the full episode: