Arbor Advisory Team Highlighted in IR Update Fall 2020

The Arbor Advisory Group team contributed to the most recent issue of NIRI’s IR Update Magazine, which addresses the subject of Artificial Intelligence and its applications for the Investor Relations community. 

The issue contains a summary of a report published by the NIRI Think Tank on Artificial Intelligence in Investor Relations, chaired by Arbor CEO Sam Levenson, which addresses the threats and opportunities posed by AI. 

Read more about this report in our previous post. 

Next comes a summary of a panel discussion on technology tools hosted by Levenson at NIRI’s Investor and Issuer Invitational Forum virtual event. The issue pulls in several quotes from the panel discussion illustrating how IROs can use technology tools to gain deeper insights into what is driving valuation.

“What drives trading of a stock is more often not a ‘who’ but a ‘what.’ More than 50 percent of equity assets under management are passively managed. Eighty percent of trading is not conducted by active asset managers; it is passive funds and algorithms. Valuation is not being set by the portfolio manager who you just spoke with.” – Sam Levenson

Finally, the issue contains an article on implementing AI into data-driven processes by newly-appointed Arbor Technology Advisor Jon Neitzell. With the subhead, “Artificial intelligence generates reams of data, but generating results means you need to separate wheat from chaff and focus on metrics that matter,” the piece delves into how organizations can systematically integrate data and technology tools into a fine-tuned decision process. 

Read the full issue here.