Arbor Advisory Group at NIRI 2022 + BMV Foro de Emisoras

Arbor Advisory Group is contributing to two important events over the next two weeks: The NIRI 2022 Annual Conference in Boston, MA, and Mexican stock exchange Bolsa Mexicana de Valores’ annual Foro Emisoras in Cancún.

NIRI 2022

The NIRI 2022 annual conference will be held June 5-7 in Boston, MA, this event will aim to inform participating IROs and other attending professionals of the latest ways to reconnect with the IR community, refresh their knowledge of best practices, and provide a springboard to reinvent the IR profession. 

During the conference, Arbor CEO Sam Levenson, along with Arbor technology advisors Evan Schnidman and Jon Neitzel, will participate in the session, “How to Become the Central Point of Intelligence for Senior Leadership.” Audience members will learn the most important sources of information along with how to sift through massive amounts of available data to arrive at actionable, executive-level insights. 

Additionally, Arbor Partner and Senior Advisor Idalia Rodriguez will speak in a session titled, “Ethics in the Investor Pitch,” alongside Michael Jones (Partner, Goodwin Proctor) to explore the fine line between strategically communicating your company’s story and crossing the line into overhyping. 

Register for NIRI 2022 Here. 

INARI @ BMV Foro de Emisoras

INARI (Instituto Nacional de Relación con Inversionistas), the Mexican counterpart to NIRI, has invited Arbor CEO Sam Levenson and technology advisor Jon Neitzel as special guests for its participation in the annual Foro Emisoras (“Issuer’s Forum”) of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores’ (BMV), Mexico’s largest stock exchange. The event will be held Jun 8-10, 2022 in Cancún. 

The two will speak on how the practice of Investor Relations has become antiquated and needs to evolve to adapt to the current environment, as well as more specifically about what popular buy-side technologies and data sources IROs can take advantage of to drive valuation for their respective companies. The session is intended to shine a light on new practices IR officers can undertake to become leaders in their profession.

Learn more about the BMV’s Foro de Emisoras here.